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General knowledge is an important component of crystallized intelligence.
General knowledge forms an important section in most entrance examinations. In only competitive examination, around 50% of the paper carriers around the world. To make a successful attempt in examination, you need to stay update of every topic coming under general knowledge.

General knowledge can involve a variety of topics like, Economics, History, Geography, Awards & Honors, The Constitution of India, Politics, Chemistry, Biology of India, Physics etc.

To equip your knowledge with the general knowledge topic, thoroughly see the covered topics.

General knowledge is something that really helps us to grow both on personal as well as academic level.
This is my creation to help you all out there facing difficulties in day to day news, competitive exams or any other interviews.
All you need related to general awareness is here compiled in one.
From students to professionals to business owners to homemakers to retires, this applies to virtually Everyone in all walks of life.
This is a never ending process and in case you want me to upload any relevant information for you, kindly share with me @ lamakoti007@gmail.com

Founder & CEO

Champa Manral Lamakoti & Puran Lamakoti are the fonder of website.

Both have worked a lot to compile all the work related data together and propose it in front of you all for your help.

The content is very useful for students and examination aspirants.

Vice President

Ritia Lamakoti vice president of website, has given her efforts for the title and description of contents.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of website, Lakshay Lamakoti is responsible for all of the website’s financial functions.

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